Geo-Information Solutions

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Database Solutions for the Geosciences

Geo-Information Solutions provides GIS spatial data consulting services, Mobile Pocket PC based field data collection systems, custom geoscience software development, and geologic consulting services (specializing in porphyry copper deposits).  Technology driven and geoscience founded services and products are designed to increase productivity and enhance capabilities. 


GeoInfo Tools - GeoInfo Tools is a corporate or personal database solution for the mining and mineral exploration industry.  Surface geochemistry samples, field observations, drill/trench/blast hole/underground log data and analyses data are managed in the GeoInfo Tools database.  Contains drill hole compositing tools, best assay fields, assay lab importers for many assay labs, surface sample and drill sample dispatch tools, and custom reporting tools!  SQL Server database replication provides cloud storage, backup and synchronization for users anywhere in the world.

Download the Users Manual for details; GeoInfo Tools Database Users Manual

GeoInfo Mobile, - Designed specifically for the mining industry GeoInfo Mobile facilitates standardized and robust descriptive data collection and GPS location information for field activities.  

Standardized pick lists, automated GPS locations, and defaulted common fields makes filed data entry fast and easy.  GeoInfo Mobile provides clean standardized digital database ready data from field activities.  Company or Project business/geologic rules are set in GeoInfo Mobile and enforced at the point of collection, the field. Post field work office data clean up is not required!  Errors are reduced!

Experienced geologists benefit by the speed, accuracy, and thoroughness of data collection!  Junior geologists benefit by the prompting and educational benefit of robust attribute fields and properly set up pick lists!