Mobile Software

Mobile Android and Windows Field Data Collection, GIS Mapping, and GPS Solutions 

"Off the Shelf" and Custom Android/Smartphone Based Applications and Hardware Packages are Provided to Meet Field Data Collection Needs

GeoInfo Mobile -  Mobile Field Database

GeoInfo Mobile ( is a set of mobile geology field data collection tools;

  • Geochem Sample Card For collecting surface geochemistry samples 

  • Observation Database For collecting field observations (digital field notebook with pick lists!)

  • Data Logger For logging drill holes and trenches.  

Designed specifically for the mining/exploration industry GeoInfo Mobile facilitates standardized and robust descriptive data collection and GPS location information for field activities.  GeoInfo Mobile runs on Android handhelds or phones and Windows tablets or laptops.


Integrated Mobile Field Data Collection Systems

Integrated mapping and database applications provide a full office to field and field to office cycle for field based activities.  Time is saved, access to data is simplified and quality of data is improved.  

Example applications designed by Geo-Information Solutions: