GeoInfo Tools

Database and GIS solutions, small or large, provide cost-benefit and productivity gains that more than cover implementation cost.  

"New Understandings" are achieved.

GeoInfo Tools is a corporate or personal database solution for the mining and mineral exploration industry.  Surface geochemistry samples, field observations, drill/trench/blast hole/underground log data and analyses data are managed in the GeoInfo Tools database.  Download the Users Manual below for details.


Downloads - GeoInfo Tools Database

The GeoInfo Tools Database can be used directly for field data collection, or import data collected by GeoInfo Mobile, a data collection only subset of GeoInfo Tools,




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Other Software Specialties


Desktop GIS

  • ESRI ArcView GIS and ArcGIS

  • VB Programming

  • Avenue Programming

  • MapInfo Professional

  • Custom applications




  • Access Databases

  • SQL Server Databases

  • Visual Basic programming

  • Custom database tools

  • GeoInfo Tools Database

  • acQuire


Web Based GIS

  • Autodesk MapGuide


Statistical Analysis

  • Geochemistry specialty



GIS Services

  • Spatial Modeling

  • Weights of Evidence Modeling

  • Spatial Analysis

  • 3D Visualization

  • Project Development

  • Data Compilations

  • Data Integration

  • Data Conversion

  • Training

  • Design


File Organization / Directory Structure

  • Implement and train sound file storage systems.

  • Design corporate data asset storage systems that are easy to use.

  • Commitment Database for reminders

  • Digital Document Archive database for scanned historical paper file organization and access.