Mineral Exploration - Porphyry Copper

  • Porphyry copper and skarn exploration specialty.
  • Several properties for lease in the Arizona-Sonora Porphyry Copper Belt.
  • Experienced with porphyries around the world. 
  • Worked on porphyries in the US, Peru, and Indonesia.  
  • GIS database compiled for many of the world's porphyries.
  • Designed and managed a porphyry copper exploration program in the southwest US. 
  • Compiled an extensive GIS database for the southwest US.
  • Research, test and utilize various exploration technologies for porphyry exploration.  Covered exploration solutions.

A Cu Falls Geochemical Anomaly

Hydrology - Watershed Modeling

  • Designed and maintain a watershed modeling system for the City of Tucson.
  • HEC-HMS and HEC-GeoHMS specialty.
  • Built a GIS for environmental hydrology management of a large superfund site. 
  • Modeled hydrology related geohazards for oil pipeline management.
  • Modeled surface hydrology for in relation to damage litigation.
  • Stream Sediment sampling for mineral exploration, planing and analysis using watershed modeling!  Improved planning and anaysis.

Watershed and Drainage Delineation HEC HMS


  • Strong working experience in the following geochemical technologies.

  • Silts

  • Pan Cons

  • Soils

  • Hydrogeochem*

  • Biogeochem*

  • Soil Gas*

  • Partial Extraction Geochem*

  • Geobotanical

  • Geomicrobial

  • Hg Vapor

  • Bee Pollen

  • *Specialized skills, research and test cases are available.

  • Specialized in transport mechanisms, indirect techniques for covered areas, and integration with multiple data sets.

  • Complete data analysis tools using statistics and GIS gridding, mapping and spatial analysis


Speciallized skills and broad experience in statistical analysis of goechemistry data sets.


  • Strong working experience in all these geophysical technologies.
  • TDEM (Published Article)*
  • ZTEM
  • Magnetics*
  • CSAMT*
  • Gravity*
  • I.P.
  • TEM soundings
  • Landsat
  • *Specialized skills and case studies available.
  • Specialized in magnetic signatures of porphyry copper deposits, geologic interpretations using landsat, magnetic, gravity, resisitivity, CSAMT and TDEM, and integration with multiple data sets.
  • Complete data analysis tools using GIS gridding, mapping  and spatial analysis.


TDEM and CSAMT Comparions, Depth to Basemnet Analysis